mother's beloved poet, the man whose words make everyone feel like they were written for them, is none other than God himself. We see him create Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer, which eventually spins out of control and turns into numerous followers descendant from their family. Eventually, our God wins even more followers, inspires the Zealot and the Herald to carry his word to the masses, and ultimately even begets a son he tries to use as an inspiration to humanity, only to ultimately lose them to their carelessness. Not to mention, he's only ever written two books, with the first narrative inspiring his creation, humanity, and the second narrative spreading the faith of his word to all who are open and listening. As we see in the end of the film, if God's followers had spent more time caring about Mother Earth than him and his words, they wouldn't have forced mother to cleanse the world with fire, thus forcing him to start it all again. For God so loved the world, that he had to try to get it right yet again.

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