IT was never expected to be the huge hit that it has become. And yet, the film hasn't just been the biggest movie at the box office for the last two weeks. It's actually one of the biggest films of its genre ever made, even after only a couple of weeks.

Supernatural horror is a specific genre that tries to scare the audience by putting its characters up against otherworldly forces seemingly too powerful to overcome. It's a popular genre, to be sure, but could IT become the biggest entry of them all? Here's a look at the 10 biggest box office winners of all time in the supernatural horror genre, and where IT currently stands among them.

10. Paranormal Activity 3 - $104 Million

The Paranormal Activity franchise was always good for a box office win, mostly because the series was cheap to make, meaning the movies didn't actually need to make that much to be deemed successful. However, more than one of the films have also been serious box office contenders, regardless of budget. The third entry in the franchise sneaks into the top 10 just ahead of another horror sequel, the recent The Conjuring 2. Paranormal Activity 3 has the distinction of being one of the few franchise entries that actually got decent reviews, which is probably why this is the only sequel in the franchise that made the top 10.

9. Paranormal Activity - $107 Million

Just ahead of the third entry in the Paranormal Activity franchise is the one that started it all. The found footage franchise built its success on a remarkable advertising campaign that had horror fans seeking out screenings of the movie. Before the franchise was driven into the ground, the movie scared a lot of people, and all without really showing anything in the realm of ghosts or monsters. It just goes to show how much the unknown alone can be terrifying. Considering the budget for this is reported to have been all of $15,000, this may be one of the most profitable movies ever made.

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