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Wonder Woman Gal Gadot stand-off with her mother

Gal Gadot has received one hell of a boost from her role in the DCEU's Wonder Woman, and that notoriety is already showing. The actress has landed a brand new role in a film that's just as out there as anything in the DC Universe: the Max Landis-penned thriller Deeper. While her exact role in the film isn't known, the plot and co-star she'll be working with are already spelling out a promising romp.

In Deeper, an astronaut is sent to the bottom of a new and unnamed trench at the bottom of the ocean. That exploration causes said astronaut to endure serious peril in this uncharted realm, and the adventure that undoubtedly will ensue sounds similar to Gravity. Only instead of setting the action in space, the film will see the story play out closer to the Earth's center of gravity. Bradley Cooper will be playing said astronaut, which means if you've ever wanted Wonder Woman and Rocket Raccoon to meet, you're going to get your wish to a certain extent.

So, of course, with Cooper being cast in the lead as the astronaut in peril, there are a couple of different spots where Gal Gadot could fit into the Deeper cast. For starters, there's a chance that she could be cast as a partner on the journey alongside Bradley Cooper's astronaut. This is probably the best option, considering that the wild success of Wonder Woman has more than likely bumped up Gadot's asking price. This scenario just feels like it would be the best for all involved, but it's not necessarily the way things will pan out.

It's also possible Gal Gadot may be hired for Deeper to play a secondary character to Bradley Cooper's overall journey. For instance, Gadot could be a member of the support team in mission control, helping guide Cooper through his treacherous journey in the depths of the sea. Or, in a more traditionally sidelined role, she could find herself cast as Cooper's girlfriend/wife, who is left on land to fret and worry about whether he'll come home or not.

It's all speculative at this point, considering The Wrap didn't have any further details on the potential role Deeper is offering Gal Gadot. But seeing as this situation is in the "early talks" phase of things, there's still a chance this might not happen. Ultimately, it'll come down to whether Gadot feels the role is worth the time away from the DCEU, and if the compensation is just as compelling.

No release date or production start date has been set for Deeper just yet. In the meantime, Gal Gadot will be next be seen in Justice League, which is slated for release on November 17. She'll also be back for Wonder Woman 2, which will come out on December 13, 2019.

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