Warning: spoilers for Jigsaw are in play. If you haven't experienced this latest game in the world of Saw, bookmark this page and come back once you've survived.

For a series that's built on surprise twists and an increasingly retconned timeline, Jigsaw's ending has to be one of the biggest surprises in quite some time. Part of the reason for such a gasp inducing claim is because of two huge reveals at the end of the film's story, as not only does John Kramer have yet another apprentice after 10 years, but they fit into a very specific portion of the Saw timeline. It's hard to talk about all of this without doing a deep dive, but suffice it to say that if you've seen Jigsaw and need to talk through that sharp curve of an ending, we're here to help. Last chance to get off the bus unspoiled, kids, as we're heading into Kramer country to discuss the ending of Jigsaw.

How It Ended

Throughout Jigsaw, a game is being played, forcing the characters and audience to ask whether John Kramer is still alive and executing this latest trap, or if a new apprentice is at work. Detective Halloran, one of the film's leads, thinks that the prime suspects are Eleanor and Logan, two medical examiners who we discover are nice and cozy, with the former having an actual obsession and the latter covering up for her. Meanwhile, our medical examiners think that the good detective is the new Jigsaw, considering his shady past with a recently deceased suspect.

One final trap puts both theories to test, as Halloran and Logan are captured and fitted with laser collars that'll carve up their heads. The way to get out is to confess to the past crimes that got them there. In a last minute act of cowardice, Halloran triggers Logan's half of the trap, which yanks him by the neck to the wall and activates the collar. Logan admits that he was in the trap for a very specific reason: he was the X-ray tech that misdiagnosed John Kramer, allowing him to live with an undiagnosed cancer for longer than he had to. Despite his confession, the lasers close in on Logan's head and he dies, which then triggers Halloran's half of the trap.

As it turns out, Det. Halloran is a cop so dirty, he's let criminals walk on purpose for his own personal gains, a fact he professes in order to stop the trap. Sure enough, the trap stops, and it's revealed that Logan isn't dead after all. In fact, he is an apprentice of Jigsaw's, and he's been playing a game reminiscent of the very first game that John Kramer ever played -- a game we've seen played out at the same time as a separate, more modern game, with Logan as one of its participants. Logan triggers the trap to kill off Halloran, proclaiming that he speaks for the wronged dead. It's a lot to take in, but there are some more details that need to be delved into in order to truly make sense of this ending.

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