How Jigsaw Will Fit Into Saw: Legacy

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After six years, seven films and countless apprentices, the Saw franchise died a quiet death in 2010. However, as Hollywood is wont to do, a revival of sorts has been talked about for some time, leading to the production of Saw: Legacy becoming a very real thing. So with a new entry into the mayhem filled world of John Kramer's history as the Jigsaw Killer, the question of just how Tobin Bell's character is going to fit in is always present. While there's not a lot of information, it sounds like Bell will definitely be back... although the extent of his return is not exactly very fruitful.

The horror hounds at Bloody Disgusting have reported on some early details that they've gotten about Saw: Legacy's story, and it's as vague as you can get, particularly with Tobin Bell's return to the series being limited to the very mysterious level of "in some capacity." Basically, bodies start piling up in the locale that the Saw franchise has always taken place in, and all roads lead to John Kramer himself. Cue the question of whether Kramer is still alive, or if someone else has taken up his legacy, and you've basically got the story for the new Saw movie.

Now while that's all well and good, as it's a very Saw-esque idea, and any excuse to bring back Tobin Bell is a good one, it sounds like we've been down this road before. Even the note about how the killer might be someone in the investigation has us flashing back to the Saw arc that had Costas Mandylor's Detective Lieutenant Mark Hoffman turn out to be an apprentice of Jigsaw's all the long. Though, if the folks behind Saw: Legacy really wanted to, there are probably some creative ways to bring Jigsaw back from the dead and into the world of the living again.

With no other original cast members returning from any of the Saw movies, there's always the possibility that this film is a reboot and John Kramer/Jigsaw will be restored to square one, free to commit all of the morality induced entrapment he wants. Or, if this film is a continuation of the original seven film run, then there's a chance that the ending of Saw III could be retconned, showing that his surgery was nothing more than a sham to take out Jeff and Amanda, the maze rats du jour of that particular entry. Again, there's a lot of room to think with the potentials for Saw: Legacy, at least until an official press release is dropped dispelling any of our notions.

Saw: Legacy is aiming for an October 28th release date, and as soon as we have more pieces to this tricksy puzzle, you'll hear from us here at CinemaBlend!

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