How Warwick Davis Was Able To Handle Playing Three Harry Potter Characters

Daniel Radcliffe and Warwick Davis in Harry Potter

Warwick Davis as Professor Flitwick

Very few actors can claim to be part of the Star Wars saga, the Harry Potter franchise, and the Leprechaun series. In fact, I think Warwick Davis might be the ONLY person in film history to lay claim to that distinction. But did you realize that Warwick Davis played three different characters over the course of the eight-film Harry Potter arc? That's right, Davis switched between three roles during the filming of the sequels, and recently explained how he, as an actor, approached that narrative dichotomy, stating:

You have to approach each character differently. it starts with the way they think, then add body language and posture. They become distinct and different automatically, it wasn't a conscious effort.

That sounds like actor speak for something that probably makes common sense. Of course you have to approach each character differently. But seeing as how, in the Harry Potter universe, an actor can really play around with reality -- and with what is expected -- it becomes easier to manipulate physical characteristics to bring new color and flavor to a role. Whether you are playing a Hogwarts instructor, or a bank teller at a goblin financial institute.

As you may recall, Warwick Davis -- who gave this quote during a Reddit AMA -- started playing Professor Flitwick in the first Harry Potter movie, 2001's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. He's pictured in that role at the top of this article.

In that same movie, though, Warwick Davis appeared as a Goblin Bank Teller in the scene where young Harry followed Hagrid to Gringotts Bank:

Later on in the series, though, Warwick Davis was able to step into the pivotal role of Griphook, a goblin from Gringotts who helps Ron, Hermione and Harry break into Gringotts to steal something very valuable.

Daniel Radcliffe and Warwick Davis in Harry Potter

Warwick Davis has been able to keep his Star Wars streak alive, appearing in Rogue One as well as next year's Solo: A Star Wars Story. He hasn't kept up his Harry Potter streak, though, by finding a way into Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Not yet, anyway. Though, with numerous chapters in that saga still to come, I'm thinking they can find a way to fit Davis in in SOME capacity. Track the sequel right here and we'll see if Warwick eventually gets added.

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