When Frozen 2 May Finally Show Off Some Footage

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It has been four years since we were last asked if we wanted to build a snowman, so yeah, we are dying to learn more about when the Frozen sequel's first footage will debut. In fact, I recently sat down for a chat with Olaf's Frozen Adventure producer Roy Conli to talk about the holiday-themed spinoff, and the conversation inevitably shifted to Frozen 2's future. Alas, when I asked about how long we will have to wait until we get our first good look at the sequel, Conli admitted that a reveal like that is at least another two years away. In response to my question, Conli said he didn't have an exact date before noting:

It's still in the boarding phase, but you're probably not going to see anything for two years at least.

It's no secret that producing an animated film is a lengthy endeavor. Even Pixar's Coco (which Olaf's Frozen Adventure will accompany next weekend) took a whopping six years to get made. With that in mind, although production has already begun on the long-awaited Frozen sequel and the cast was reportedly set to return for voice recording sessions recently, finalized footage of anything remains a long way off for now.

Of course, we can still look forward to the fact that even without Frozen 2, there are other stories in the Frozen universe on the way in the very near future. With the upcoming release of Olaf's Frozen Adventure alongside Pixar's Coco, we are even going to see a bit more growth and development for everyone's favorite goofy snowman through his journey to bring Christmas traditions home to Anna and Elsa. Elsewhere in my conversation with Roy Conli about the decision to mature Olaf through this 22-minute short film, he explained that a big part of evolving Olaf in this project stemmed from a desire to see how he (as well as the girls) could change going into Frozen 2.

It also sounds like those changes to Olaf, Anna and Elsa will play a significant role in how the sequel's plot develops. In fact, Kristen Bell recently sat down with CinemaBlend while promoting the release of A Bad Moms Christmas and explained that Frozen 2 will go to great lengths to change up the story and introduce brand new characters who keep the universe fresh. In a world where sequels often tend to fall flat in the face of massive expectations, learning that definitely helps instill confidence in the project. All things considered, it's beginning to seem like that two-year wait will be worth it in the long run.

Olaf's Frozen Adventure will accompany the theatrical release of Coco later this month on November 22. From there, the Frozen universe will return to the big screen two years from now with Frozen 2 on November 27, 2019.

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