Kristen Bell Tells Us About Frozen 2, Teases Some New Characters

Anna singing For The First Time In Forever

There's no denying the behemoth that is Disney in the world of film. And aside from the Star Wars and Marvel films that its producing, Disney's animated musical blockbusters are consistently met with critical acclaim and massive popularity. While Frozen was released back in 2013, Anna and Elsa are still very much at the front of the pop culture lexicon, with the film's generations of fans eager to see its eventual sequel arrive. While we may have to wait another two years until Frozen 2, actress Kristen Bell did recently tell CinemaBlend some information about the upcoming movie.

I had the privilege to speak with Kristen Bell and her co-stars Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn about the upcoming comedy sequel A Bad Moms Christmas. Eventually the conversation turned to her reprisal of Anna in Frozen 2, and she managed to tease a few tidbits for the highly anticipated sequel. She mentioned some new characters, how Anna will grow, and just how good the damn thing will be.

I will say this. I have read it, I have recorded it. It changes every now and again. It's VERY good.I'm excited about the fact that Jen Lee, the director, and I had a very long conversation. So they had just taken their trip to Norway, the directors and the producers, and they basically just take the entire culture in. And make this big sort of fun home movie. [They] take all of those elements and say 'What story needs to be told?' And she is so genius. She had journaled, as the characters, for months to try and figure out [what they'd say]. She's like, 'What do we want to say?' And then she's just journaling as Elsa, just journaling as Anna. We sat down and she said 'within this context, what do you think Anna would be feeling right now, in this stage of her life?'One thing I will say, there are a couple new characters that you will fall in love with. That thing I feel like I can say safely.

For the first time in forever, we've got some info about Frozen 2. Let's break down exactly what Kristen Bell is teasing in her above comments.

To start, it's clear that the cast and of Frozen 2 have already recorded their dialogue for the film. This doesn't mean things can't change and they won't go back for more ADR and recording sessions, but it looks like Frozen's eventual sequel is moving forward quickly. Now it's just going to take years of stunning visual effects work to once again bring us back to Arrendale.

What's the most fascinating is just how methodical Jennifer Lee is taking Frozen 2, especially in regards to character development. Lee wrote the first film, and will have dual roles as co-director and writer for the sequel. And while it may technically be a children's film, Lee is extremely detail oriented and hard working when it comes to how Elsa, Anna, and the gang will change since their appearance in the original Frozen. This type of work is what separates the franchise from other kids' movies; the heart of the film is relatable to all ages, and this type of character driven storytelling will help keep older fans invested in the story.

Kristen Bell also told me that there will be some exciting new characters in Frozen 2. Obviously she couldn't spill the beans (the film isn't set to arrive until 2019), but it's exciting news nonetheless. The overall plot for the film is still a giant mystery, so new characters could come to play from a variety of places. Maybe the sisters and their pals leave Arrendale, and end up meeting strangers in their journey. Or perhaps another force is trying to take Elsa's crown, ala Hans or Alan Tudyk's Duke of Weselton.

You can check out my conversation with Kristen Bell and her Bad Moms Christmas co-stars below.

While Frozen 2 won't hit theaters until 2019, you can catch plenty of Kristen Bell's hilarity very soon. She'll be once again playing Kiki in A Bad Moms Christmas, which arrives in theaters on November 1st. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

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