How The Last Jedi Could Tie In With The Brand New Video Game

Luke's compass in Battlefront II.

There are a lot of Easter eggs peppered throughout the single-player campaign in Star Wars Battlefront 2, the newest video game based on the franchise, which reference every era of the (mostly) beloved film series. One moment, in particular, features an item that is very likely, and very literally, pointing toward the upcoming film, The Last Jedi. There's a compass that comes into the possesion of Luke Skywalker, and it looks like we might see it again in the new film.

To anyone who plans to play the game, thar be spoilers ahead. Consider yourself warned.

About a quarter of the way through Battlefront II, players will experience their first perspective shift in the game. Rather than control the main protagonist, Inferno Squad's Iden Versio, you'll instead take on the role of Luke Skywalker.

During the mission, Luke finds himself on the planet of Pillio, where he has apparently sensed something of great importance resides. Those feelings are confirmed when Luke sees a bunch of Empire ships go cruising by on a mission to destroy a vault the Emperor had squirreled away in a nearby cave. In other words, the Emperor was hiding something he knew could help the Rebels and wanted it destroyed before some nosey Jedi came poking around to discover it.

Luke is just such a Jedi, and his journey through some rocky caves and canyons eventually leads to the Emperor's vault. In the vault, Luke discovers a whole bunch of items that look like a personal art collection. Luke is drawn to one item, though, the compass you see above.

Shortly after the mission is over and you wouldn't be faulted for forgetting it happened in the first place. This is Star Wars, though, so you better believe some eagle-eyed fans took careful note of the item.

from r/StarWarsLeaks

One such fan even popped up on reddit with what appears to be proof that the compass will be featured prominently in The Last Jedi. Art work for a bunch of new toys for the film series features the older version of Luke we first met in the closing moments of The Force Awakens, and take a gander at what he's holding in his right hand.

Yep, that appears to be the very same compass that Luke swiped from the Emperor's secret trove in Battlefront II. Since the game takes place shortly after Return of the Jedi, that means Luke has been holding onto this compass for many years, presumably unused. Or, perhaps this was the device that led Luke to the Jedi Temple in the first place. One wonders exactly what it is or how else it may be used.

Ryan Winslett

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