The Funny Batman Joke Justice League Cut Out, According To Ezra Miller

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Warning: Justice League spoilers ahead! Read on at your own risk!

By now it has become pretty clear that a lot of Justice League ended up on the cutting room floor. Some of these moments were colossal action set pieces, while others were just little lines and character moments. In fact, Ezra Miller recently opened up and admitted that one his favorite minor moments that didn't make it film, involving Batman talking about how explosive his "shit" is. Miller said:

There's a line that I miss from the film, that I wish was in there. [Aquaman] throws that thing against the wall in the Batcave, and [Batman's] original line was--I think now he just says, 'Hey. Don't do that.' But the original line was, 'Hey. Don't do that. A lot of my shit explodes.'

If you have seen Justice League, then you already know the scene Ezra Miller is referring to in his comments to Gamespot. Specifically, the sequence takes place right after the League loses the final Mother Box to Steppenwolf, following the resurrection of Superman. In a rage, Aquaman throws a box against a wall in the Batcave, and Bruce Wayne delivers a dry command for him not to do that again. However, in the original version of the scene, Wayne's command has less to do with Aquaman breaking his stuff, and more to do with the fact that much of his stuff is designed to go boom when thrown.

It's obviously a hilarious moment, but it sounds like one of the most significant issues with it was the fact that Justice League already pushed the number of swears that the film could include while maintaining a PG-13 rating. Ezra Miller explained:

Because, I think, that we only got a certain number of curse words.

As you'll recall, there are several moments in the film that feature quite a few curse words. Nothing that ever pushes the movie into full-blown Deadpool or Logan territory, but the inclusion of one extra "shit" must have been enough to cause some additional trimming in the editing room. Now it's merely a matter of wondering whether or not this cut sequence will ever see the light of day. Coming off of the recent release of Justice League, many fans have already started a petition to call for Zack Snyder's original vision of the film to be restored and released on a Blu-ray. If that happens, then it's entirely possible that some extra cursing could eventually be included.

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