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John Boyega in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi have to remain pretty tight-lipped and paint in broad brush strokes when discussing the biggest film of the year. One topic however, that they are talking about, and everyone keeps asking about, is the porgs. The penguin-like creatures, designed for maximum cuteness, have been the subjects of joy, hate and will likely be the source of many dollars in Disney's coffers. Now we know how Finn actor John Boyega feels about the furry creatures and his take covers the whole spectrum.

I just remember doing some stuff and seeing a lot of porgs around. And they are interesting, but for me, I had a love/hate relationship with them. They're very, very cute, but when you put them in a bunch, in holes, on the Millennium Falcon, that's when they start to become really, really freaky.

While acknowledging that the porgs are indeed, objectively cute, John Boyega also allows for the fact that when too many of them are together, they have an entirely different effect. Take anything cute in this world or worlds far away and when you find yourself surrounded by them they are decidedly less so. An otter, an arctic fox, a red panda, alone they are cute but when you are surrounded by them, all staring at you, that's how nightmares start. It sounds like there will be an infestation of porgs aboard the Millennium Falcon on Ahch-To and the vocal critters will be exploring all of the freighter's nooks and crannies. John Boyega echoed this sentiment to Entertainment Weekly.

They've got real big eyes, all bunched together. There were, like, little tiny ones and little big ones that would just... yeah, it looks like a rash.

So porgs are indeed legion and they will be everywhere. Now it might be easy to jump to conclusions here about how John Boyega's words might provide clues about the film. Finn was unconscious at the end of The Force Awakens and light years away from the far-flung Rey and the Millennium Falcon. So does this mean that Finn will find himself back on the Falcon along with Chewie and his furry pets? It's possible, but I wouldn't read too much into that. I imagine Rey and Luke will be separated from Finn & Co. for the majority of the film, but may come together before the climax.

What role porgs will play in all of this is one of the great mysteries of this film. Are they merely cute companions? Will they bring down The First Order alone through sheer force of numbers and largeness of eyeballs? Are their cute looks an evolutionary adaptation that allows them to easily spread space rabies? These questions and more will be answered when Star Wars: The Last Jedi finally arrives in theaters on December 15th. You can pre-order your tickets for opening weekend now.

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