Is All The Money In The World A Real Oscar Threat Now?

All The Money In The World Christopher Plummer having a drink

This morning, the nominations for the 75th annual Golden Globes were announced, and there were some surprises as well as some confirmed hits among the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. But mixed into the field was a film that's yet to screen on a wide scale, yet has been talked about for quite some time now. With three nominations in an already crowded field, we really have to ask, is All The Money In The World an Oscar contender for frontrunners to fear?

First off, let's take a look at the nominations it picked up. All The Money In The World currently sits as nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role -- Drama (Christopher Plummer), Best Actress in a Leading Role -- Drama (Michelle Williams), and Best Director -- Drama (Ridley Scott). One key nomination that seems to be missing is the big ticket nomination for the film itself in the Best Picture -- Drama field, which one would assume would kind of be needed in order to convince the Academy that this is a film to be paid attention to. But with these three nominations, we can begin to make a case for either side.

In one sense, All The Money In The World can be seen as an Oscar threat, simply because of the fact that a film that came together in such a short time managed to be awards worthy after all. With Ridley Scott working at breakneck pace, and Michelle Williams along for the ride, the two collaborators have done a good enough job with the final product turned in that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (who nominates for the Golden Globes) believes their work merits rewarding. And if that wasn't enough, Christopher Plummer's nomination might have you believe that his short turn around as a replacement for Kevin Spacey's J. Paul Getty might have saved and/or improved the film.

However, the fact that All The Money In The World didn't manage to secure a Best Picture -- Drama does manage to stick out a little bit. While the nominations at hand do seem to indicate that Ridley Scott's film may pick up some fringe votes, it's not a good sign of whether the film will find itself in the Best Picture field of the Academy Awards. While there's a slate of up to 10 possible films that the Oscars can nominate, the films in both the Musical or Comedy and Drama fields for Best Picture at the Golden Globes are a strong slate. And since the Oscars aren't limited by genre, the competition is going to be fiercer than ever, as everything from comedies like The Disaster Artist and I,Tonya to dramas like The Post and The Shape of Water are going to be battling it out for those slots. It's not an impossible feat, but it's rather improbable if you look at it from a certain point of view.

With just three nominations for individual contributions, but no nod for the overall party, it looks like All The Money In The World could be a fringe film that the Golden Globes tends to honor with some consideration, only for the Academy Awards to go in a different direction. Anything can change between now and when All The Money In The World hits theaters. Not to mention, Oscar voting closes on January 13, 2018; which gives the film some time to pick up critical steam between now and the deadline. But with all of the other contenders already at somewhat of a head start, it definitely looks like Ridley Scott's latest is going to have more of an uphill battle to fight if it's going to get anywhere near its contemporaries. Still, if you want, you can watch the trailer for the film, and see if it looks like an Oscar contender in your own opinion.

All The Money In The World starts banking audience members on Christmas Day.

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