Johnny Depp Is Dealing With A Lawsuit Over Money, Again

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Johnny Depp has been dealing with a lot of money issues in recent months. However, things just seem to continue to pile up for the actor, as a new financial problem has been added to the pile, a brand new lawsuit. Previously, Depp had filed a lawsuit against his former business managers, only to be countersued in return. However, part of that suit included a malpractice suit against Depp's former lawyers. Now, that law firm has also countersued Depp, to the tune of $30 million.

Johnny Depp's entire 2017 has been taken up with major legal matters as back in January the first lawsuit was filed by Johnny Depp which accused his former business managers at The Management Group of mishandling his money, leaving him in serious financial straights. TMG then responded to the lawsuit by filing their own lawsuit against the actor, claiming that Depp's own free-spending was the cause of any financial issues, and demanding repayment of a significant loan they had given Depp previously.

A couple of months ago the legal drama took another turn as Johnny Depp accused the law firm that previously represented him, Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal LaViolette Feldman Schenkman & Goodman LLP, of mismanagement of Depp's legal affairs for their own financial benefit. Unsurprisingly, Deadline reports that the law firm claims they did no such thing, stating that any problems Depp is having are due to bad decision making by the man himself, or his representatives, for which he is responsible.

Whoever's to blame for Johnny Depp financial issues, a pair of multimillion-dollar lawsuits is certainly not going to help things in that department. TMG has released some information publicly which purports to show Depp's extravagant spending, but if one assumes that Depp's initial lawsuit isn't utterly baseless, we have yet to see or hear any details that might show the mismanagement which led to the original lawsuit, which could go a long way to explaining how the actor found his way here.

On the plus side, if Johnny Depp does actually prevail in all of these lawsuits, especially the countersuits, he'll almost certainly get a large portion of his court costs covered. However, he'll still have to spend the money up front, likely putting the actor in a much worse position for a while. If Depp loses all of these suits, he'll be in a much worse financial position than when everything started.

It's been almost a year since the legal drama began, and clearly, this is far from over. We'll likely be into 2018 before any decisions are actually made. CinemaBlend will be here covering this interesting case as it continues to develop.

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