Warning: SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Last Jedi are in play. If you aren't caught up with the latest installment of the Skywalker saga, feel free to bookmark this page for after you're current.

By time the lights had come up on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we were all left with a question that Rian Johnson's film forced us to ask ourselves: is Luke Skywalker really dead? Well, after thinking about it long and hard, we've come up with a case as to where Master Skywalker went off to after the latest adventure in the Star Wars galaxy. That said, our best guess to where Mark Hamill disappeared to all starts with a rundown of Luke Skywalker's big moment during the climactic battle between the Resistance and the First Order.

What Happened During The Scene

During the Battle of Crait in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker returned in the Resistance's moment of need. In a touching moment, he reunited with his sister, Leia, and confirmed what we all knew in our hearts: he can't save Kylo Ren, and must face him down. As he stepped out of the caves of Crait, Kylo had all First Order walkers on the surface fire on him, only to realize that his uncle withstood his barrage. Kylo made his way to the surface to face Luke down man to man, which is where things get really interesting.

While Kylo trash talked Luke, stating that the Jedi will be dead once he's finished with his uncle, and that the Resistance will soon be crushed, Luke countered both of those points effectively. Faith renewed in the cause, Luke proclaimed the heroes will rise again, and Rey is the next Jedi in line. For good measure, he also threw in the knowledge that if Kylo is to strike him down, it will always haunt him. Naturally, Kylo struck him twice, which revealed that Luke was actually astrally projecting himself, so the blows didn't make a mark.

Luke bid Kylo farewell a with a "See you 'round, kid" and disappeared. After which, we cut back to Ahch-to, where we saw Luke struggling after overexerting himself, and ultimately disappear into the either. His cloak floated in the wind, signaling that the Jedi Master may have taken his leave from this world for good. Or has he?

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