Music has been an integral part of the film medium from the very beginning, with scores accompanying silent features long before the introduction of "talkies" -- and it's been realized time and time again that bonding the perfect song to the right moment can create an incredible magic. Every year we see great examples of this in the greatest movies of the year, and as you might have guessed, 2017 is no exception.

With the year winding down we are looking back on the best that the world of cinema had to offer in the last 12 months, and today we're specifically looking at the realm of movie music moments. There were many remarkable marriages of the mediums featured in 2017, and below and across the next few pages we've highlighted our 10 favorites:

"Bellbottoms" in Baby Driver

Since I started writing this list back in 2009, I've maintained a rule that a film can only have one entry in each annual feature. This has been hard to maintain over the years due to certain music-centric titles, but none have challenged me quite like Edgar Wright's Baby Driver. The whole edit is genius within the way it's synchronized to the soundtrack, and it essentially leaves the feature as one endless movie music moment. Needing to pick a single song, however, I went with the stunning opening provided by the beat of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's "Bellbottoms." The audience is completely fresh into the story when Ansel Elgort's Baby hits play on his iPod, unleashing this intense jam, and before it's over you know exactly what this brilliant piece of cinema is all about.

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