Could Pitch Perfect Get Rebooted? Here's What The Director Says

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Pitch Perfect 3 just hit theaters a few days ago, but director Trish Sie has already been talking about the potential for Pitch Perfect 4. If they can't get all of the amazing ladies back for another round, perhaps what may be in order for the franchise is a reboot? Here's what the director of Pitch Perfect 3 has to say about the possibility:

There's so many archetypal scenes in these movies that, to me, if you get the right chemistry -- and this cast of course has amazing chemistry and that's why it works -- so if you were to do a reboot you'd have to spend a lot of time making the chemistry right. But assuming you can get that -- singing, dancing, laughing, solving problems together, unlikely heroes, band of misfits -- that stuff is sort of timeless and wonderful and, as far as I am concerned, I would watch it over and over and over again.

Obviously, she's not going to flat-out say no to a reboot, but she does have some interesting opinions, here. The major studios pick up reboots, remakes and sequels for popular franchises all the time. It's interesting to me that Universal has been touting Pitch Perfect 3 as the final outing for Beca, Fat Amy and co. Although some of the ladies have gone on record to say they would be willing to come back for Pitch Perfect 4, it may be time to let the ladies movie into fictional futures that don't involve the formerly-of-Barden Bellas. In that case, could a reboot move forward?

There are about to be some minor spoilers all up in this paragraph. Look, I'm not certain we really need another Pitch Perfect flick. First, the third movie has only made a middling amount of money so far, which is obviously important when considering a sequel or reboot. Secondly, while I appreciate that Pitch Perfect 3 really went back to the movie's roots of focusing on Beca and her career (even while there were zany shenanigans with Fat Amy and her father going on), the ending of the movie didn't really set up for another. Cynthia Rose had her juice truck! Beca made a deal with DJ Khaled! Aubrey reconnected with her dad! Lilly found her voice and love, seemingly because she was no longer possessed! It was all happy endings really, and those might be the best notes that Pitch Perfect 3 could have hoped to end on.

From what Trish Sie had to say to THR, the studio would need to find the right cast and the right "chemistry" if it had any hope of making a reboot work. Beyond that consideration, surely it would be some time before Universal started thinking about a reboot for a franchise that was initially only conceived as a solo movie. Regardless, studios have done weirder things in the past. We'll keep you posted, no matter what happens. In the meantime, you can catch Pitch Perfect 3 in theaters right now, or take a look at what is coming in 2018, courtesy of our full movies schedule.

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