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While we know Daniel Craig will be back for the next James Bond movie, the project is still looking for a director. One major name has removed himself from the running, but would Denis Villeneuve ever direct a Bond movie? The director of Arrival and Blade Runner 2049, has said that his current project, Dune would make directing the 25th James Bond movie impossible, however, he's open to directing a Bond movie after that if the schedule allows. According to Villeneuve...

I would love to. I said to Barbara [Broccoli], I would love to work with you and with Daniel, but I'm engaged. [Laughs] I will love to do it, honestly. I'm a spoiled filmmaker right now.

When Denis Villeneuve says he's spoiled, he's not kidding. Following high profile success on Sicario, the director went on the well-regarded Arrival. Since then he's become one of the most in-demand filmmakers around, being handed the reins to not only the Blade Runner franchise, but also the long in development hell remake of Dune. It's not shocking that the people behind James Bond would be interested in him as well. It's also not shocking that he's too busy to do it.

However, when asked by ScreenCrush if he would be willing to make the next James Bond movie after the one that's currently planned, Denis Villeneuve says he'd absolutely be interested. We're guessing Ion Productions and Barbara Broccoli would still love to have him. The only things that would likely stand in the way of that would be seeing Villeneuve get committed to some other project, or perhaps seeing whoever does get the Bond 25 job knock it out of the park, and then get brought back for the next film.

Of course, the one problem with Denis Villeneuve's desire to work with Daniel Craig on a James Bond movie is that if he doesn't direct Bond 25, there's a good chance he'll never have the opportunity. Craig is only confirmed to return for this one Bond movie, and every indication currently is that this will be Craig's last go-round with the character. If Villeneuve does direct Bond 26 it may very well be with a brand new Bond.

Back when Denis Villeneuve's name was first attached to Bond 25 there were two other directors on the same short list, Yann Demange and David Mackenzie. With Villeneuve out of the running, though seemingly absolutely considered, it would lend credence to the idea that one of these two might be who the production will now look to for its new director.

Bond 25 has some time to find a director, while the movie already has a set release date, it's not until November of 2019, which means the movie likely won't need to start filming until sometime late this year.

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