This morning the 2018 Oscar nominations were announced and, as per usual, there are far more great films and performances in them than five nominees could handle. This means many deserving nominees were left out. In most cases, this is due to a stacked field rather than any particular surprises being nominated. Still, there were a few names that we were half expecting to hear that were never called.

Here are the biggest snubs from the 2018 Academy Award nominations.

Steven Spielberg - Best Director

Steven Spielberg is one of the best directors who has ever done the job, and his most recent endeavor, The Post, served as a reminder to anybody who may have forgotten that fact. Following Spielberg's Golden Globe nomination, we would have expected to see the Academy follow suit, but that was not the case. The fact that Greta Gerwig, who was left out of the Golden Globes, received a nomination is a welcome addition to the list, but it doesn't change the fact that Spielberg was entirely worthy.

Jessica Chastain - Best Actress

Molly's Game wasn't expected to be a major contender at the Academy Awards. Aaron Sorkin received a nomination for his screenplay, which is becoming a common occurrence for the man, but the heart and soul of the film was left out. Jessica Chastain carries Molly's Game on her shoulders. She's in nearly every shot of the film, and she delivers Sorkin's Oscar-worthy dialogue with skill. If there was any other nomination that Molly's Game should have received, it was for Chastain's performance. A screenplay is only as good as the people who perform it, after all.

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