First Look At Tom Cruise Doing A Death-Defying Stunt For Mission: Impossible Fallout

Tom Cruise always insists on doing his own stunts in his movies and the newly titled Mission: Impossible - Fallout will be no exception. The actor recently teased his newest big stunt for his upcoming movie. In the past Cruise has hung from buildings and airplanes and this time will fall along the same lines. A new image that the actor posted to his brand new Instagram account shows him standing on the skids of a helicopter mid-flight. Check it out.

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Helicopters aren't the most stable modes of transport when you're sitting inside them properly, so one can only imagine what standing outside of one is like. Well, unless you're Tom Cruise, then you don't have to imagine because you've done it. The background also looks to be mostly white, which would indicate snow. It would have been cold enough just being up in the air, but it's apparently that much colder.

Tom Cruise's interest in doing his own stunts caused problems for the production of the recently titled Mission: Impossible - Fallout. The insurance company's worst nightmare actually happened and Cruise injured himself performing a stunt. Luckily it wasn't too serious, resulting in only a broken ankle. While the injury did delay production on the film by a couple of months, it apparently wasn't enough to delay the film's release as the date of July 27, 2018 has remained intact.

Interestingly, we can actually use this image, combined with Tom Cruise's injury, to reconstruct an action sequence that we may see in Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Cruise hurt himself while performing a running sequence that had him jumping from one rooftop to another. Later, after he had recovered, he was seen filming an additional shot that had him running along a rooftop toward a helicopter. Now, we see him on board a helicopter while it's flying through the air. Clearly, there's something, or someone, on this chopper that Ethan Hunt needs to get. Perhaps this is part of the big finale and Henry Cavill, the villain of Fallout, is on board the helicopter. Alternatively, the plot synopsis released today makes reference to a mission that goes bad and perhaps this is that. Whatever the IMF team was after at the beginning is on the helicopter and Hunt is trying to keep it from getting away, though if that's the case, we know this will not end well for our heroes.

Of course, if this is what they're teasing, one wonders if there's actually something more that they want to keep under wraps. It's a bit early to be spilling all the great moments. Regardless, it's clear that Mission: Impossible - Fallout will likely be everything that fans are hoping it will be.

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