How Tom Cruise Is Training For Top Gun 2

Top Gun Tom Cruise Maverick with his aviators

It's hard to believe it, but Top Gun 2 is actually going to happen. A director has been locked, a script approved, and Tom Cruise will once again be in the pilot's seat as everyone's favorite Maverick. But it's been quite some time, 31 years to be specific, since Cruise has been an ace fighter pilot on the big screen. So obviously, the man has to train in order to really live the life of Maverick yet again. Which is why he's recently been seen flying a helicopter, in preparation for his return to the wild, blue yonder.

Tom Cruise was spotted at an airfield in England, running with a companion to take off in a chopper that's apparently made of a similar specification to the fighter jets he'll be flying in the Joseph Kosinski directed sequel to Tony Scott's patriotic love letter of 1986. Notorious for doing his own stunts, Cruise is obviously looking forward to piloting his own fighter jet for Top Gun 2, and is getting ready to get back into the swing of things in a film that will supposedly see him training a new class of recruits.

Of course, any concrete details on the story to Top Gun 2 are obviously locked down, as Paramount is looking to keep things secret until they feel the time is right to announce further details on the film. Though it's nice to know that the typical Tom Cruise touch of authenticity is going into the return of aviator Pete Mitchell. It also probably helps that one of Cruise's more recent films, American Made, also saw him behind the stick of a private airplane. While it's not exactly the same thing as a fighter jet, it surely dusted off the old aviation skills in preparation for this bigger move.

While production hasn't started yet, these photos from The Daily Mail are pretty much the publicity Top Gun 2 needs at this point. You can bet the moment those first official photos from the set of the long awaited sequel hit the internet, the world is going to go crazy to see the Danger Zone opening up for business yet again. Let's just hope that by time the project gets off the ground, there's a special announcement that Val Kilmer will be returning as well. Because how the hell do you make a Top Gun sequel without Iceman?

Top Gun 2 is looking to film towards the end of this year, with a July 12, 2019 release date in mind. In the meantime, you'll be able to see Tom Cruise in American Made, which will debut on September 29th, as well as Mission: Impossible 6, which has a July 27, 2018 release date.

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