Tom Cruise Is Already Back To Filming Crazy Stunts For Mission Impossible 6

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible

It's been five months since Tom Cruise broke his ankle doing stunts for Mission: Impossible 6. Now he's healed, which, of course, means he's back at work filming more stunts for Mission: Impossible 6. It's been about five months since Cruise was put on the shelf due to an injury suffered while filming. The actor was back to work in less than two months, but now he's back to filming crazy stunts as if he hadn't previously broken bones.

Tom Cruise is almost as famous for the fact that he insists on doing his own stunts as he is for his various high profile film roles. If anybody thought that injuring himself while filming those stunts would put him off such work, they can put that idea to rest. Pictures have emerged which show Cruise filming on, or to be more fair, above, the streets of London. US Magazine has him dangling out a window and running across the roof of a building chasing after a helicopter.

It's likely the helicopter chase is part of the sequence that led to Tom Cruise breaking his ankle in the first place. The stunt in question also had the actor running across rooftops. Cruise was filming a leap from one rooftop to another when a bad landing resulted in a broken ankle. While the Top Gun actor was expected to be out over two months, he was back in seven weeks, and the delay to production has not had an impact on the release date of Mission: Impossible 6 which is set to debut in July.

With only a few months to go until that release date, there's going to be a lot of work left to do if they're still filming at this late hour. Still, the Mission: Impossible series isn't going to have the level of post-production CGI of your average superhero movie, so it's possible they'll be able to complete it all in time. At this point, if a release date delay was necessary, they'd know it.

Mission: Impossible 6 sees the return of Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, and Rebecca Ferguson among others. The film's villain will be played by Henry Cavill, who will be sporting the most famous mustache in recent memory, by virtue of the fact that he was contractually required to keep it during the filming of Justice League reshoots, requiring the use of CGI to remove it, which did a less than perfect job.

It's great to see Tom Cruise back at it. The Mission: Impossible series has always had at least one major stunt sequence for the actor to show off, and we're glad he's not going to let a broken bone stand in the way of that.

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