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John Williams is, quite simply, the greatest movie composer of all time. He's created some of the greatest themes in cinema history and there's nothing quite like watching him bring one to life himself. Recently, Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson posted a video of Williams conducting the opening fanfare of the film exactly one year before the newest entry in the franchise was released in theaters. If you're a serious Star Wars fan, get ready for serious chills. Check it out.

Rian Johnson says it best, because there's no other way to say it. Not only is no introduction to John Williams necessary, I'm not sure one is possible. And once that fanfare starts, nothing else need be said. Rian Johnson posted the video on Twitter earlier this week after Williams received the 51st Oscar nomination of his distinguished career, more than any other human being alive today.

While John Williams has written numerous film scores that have become some of the most recognizable in history, like the scores for Jaws, Superman, and Jurassic Park, it's difficult to argue that any is more well known and instantly iconic as the fanfare from Star Wars. It's the sound that opens every film in the three trilogies and it instantly transports you to the galaxy far, far away.

It's unclear whether what we're listening to actually became part of the film or not. Traditionally, a rough cut of the movie actually runs on the screen in front of the conductor while the music is being performed, and that isn't happening here, so this may have simply been a warm-up. Rian Johnson responds a fan asking about this by saying he wasn't involved in the music decisions because he quite simply doesn't have the ear that John Williams and the others involved in the sound work do.

While John Williams has been nominated for Oscars more times than anybody not named Walt Disney, he's only won the award five times previously, and the only time a Star Wars score won the award was for the very first film back in 1977. Winning the Oscar this time around won't be any easier with some remarkable music from films like The Shape of Water also nominated. We'll find out if Williams can win Oscar number six when the awards are handed out March 4.

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