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Last summer Alexis Bledel played a college student coping with her first summer after freshman year. But thanks to the magic of Hollywood, just one year later she's coping with the challenges of life after graduation, in Fox Searchlight's comedy Post Grad.

We've got the new trailer for you embedded below, in which you can see Bledel go through some pretty familiar rites of post-college passage-- unwillingly moving back in with your parents, being completely unable to find a job, wondering constantly what you're doing with your life-- and equally familiar rites of mainstream comedies, namely falling in love with the boy who's been your best friend your whole life. I get the feeling this trailer is giving away a whole lot of the story, which is a shame given that there doesn't seem to be that much to it to begin with. But you can judge for yourself below. Post Grad comes out August 14.