Tommy Wiseau Still Really, Really Wants To Play The Joker

Some men just want to watch the world burn, and nobody embodies that idea better than The Joker. Over the years, the iconic comic book villain has been played by a number of eccentric actors in a number of eccentric ways. That said, arguably the most eccentric human being of all time officially wants to play the part. In fact, on the heels of a recent post suggesting that he wanted a role in Todd Phillip's upcoming Joker movie, The Room's Tommy Wiseau has officially gone all in on his campaign to play Mr. J with some genuinely creepy fan art envisioning him in the role. Check out his most recent post on the topic to see for yourself.

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It is almost uncanny, isn't it? Using elements that appear pulled from Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight, that piece of art shows us a very unique version of The Joker that's still quickly-identifiable as Tommy Wiseau. However, it's also incredibly creepy in a way that arguably feels pretty damn accurate to what fans have come to expect from a live-action version of the classic comic book villain.

Weirdly enough, this fan art version of Tommy Wiseau actually already seems to resemble a version of The Clown Prince of Crime that exists within the Batman canon. Specifically, we are referring to the dreadlocked, animalistic version of the character seen in The Batman.

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With all of that said, at this point, the odds of Tommy Wiseau actually donning a purple suit to play The Joker are slim. Although there's plenty of fan enthusiasm for a bizarre casting choice like this, Wiseau (even with his publicity boost from The Disaster Artist) feels a bit too niche rather than a leading man who is recognizable to mainstream audiences. In fact, this is even a topic addressed in the film about the making of The Room. At this point, Joaquin Phoenix appears to be a possible frontrunner for Todd Phillips' Mr. J (and he just might be a perfect fit). Obviously, nobody involved in the film has even commented on the possibility of bringing the actor into the fold yet.

On that note, CinemaBlend will bring you more information related to Tommy Wiseau's campaign to play The Joker (as well as all of the other details about Todd Phillips' Joker origin movie) as more news related to the film breaks. DC's silver screen escapades will continue later this year when Aquaman premieres on December 21.

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