Looks Like The Room’s Tommy Wiseau Wants A Role In The Joker Movie

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Todd Phillips and Martin Scorsese's Joker movie has remained a bizarre project for audiences to watch develop in the months since it was initially announced. The film will reportedly take place in the 1980s, and focus on a more grounded version of Mr. J. And now it looks like Joaquin Phoenix may step in for the titular villain role. However, now it seems like there's a cult figure almost as crazy as The Joker who wants to get in on the action. That's right, folks; The Room's Tommy Wiseau wants a part in the Joker movie. In response to the rumor of Phoenix's casting, Wiseau tweet.

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Though that tweet doesn't explicitly state that Tommy Wiseau wants to play The Joker in The Joker movie, the man behind The Room isn't really known for subtlety. It's not entirely difficult to imagine him starting a campaign to play The Clown Prince of Crime. We can hear it now, "Oh hai, Batman."

There are several different schools of thought that go into this type of potential casting situation. On the one obvious hand, bringing Tommy Wiseau onboard for Todd Phillips' Joker movie could feel like a very clear bit of stunt casting for the film as a whole. Wiseau is cult figure with a huge following, and we have seldom seen him play a role that isn't some iteration of the real Tommy Wiseau. If the film is aiming to do something more grounded and gritty than the current DCEU version of Mr. J, then it might not mesh.

Then again, the sheer amount of a attention and fanfare that followed Tommy Wiseau's tweet may highlight why it's a good idea. A movie solely focusing on The Joker technically should feel audacious and ridiculous, which (if you have seen The Room or The Disaster Artist) you already know Tommy Wiseau can pull off with incredible ease. Even the fact that James Franco prevented him from speaking went on to become one of the most talked-about moments of the Golden Globes showed how much of a wild card he can be.

Of course, we still don't entirely know for sure if Joaquin Phoenix will put on the purple suit yet. In addition to the Gladiator star, Leonardo DiCaprio was also rumored for the role of The Joker at one point, and the lack of a definitive casting announcement means that we will have to keep waiting before we absolutely know who will don the white makeup for this legendary role.

We will keep you posted with any and all relevant updates related to Todd Phillips' Joker movie as more information related to the project is made available to us. Until we learn more about Joker's origin movie, make sure to watch out for James Wan's Aquaman when the film debuts in theaters on December 21.

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