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Vanessa Hudgens, you may recall, is that pretty girl from the High School Musical movies who got caught sending naughty pictures to her boyfriend Zac Efron one time, but otherwise hasn't made much of an impact outside of the Disney fanbase. She's also the only big-name star-- except for Lisa Kudrow, whose part appears to be pretty small-- in Bandslam, a summer comedy about a world in which, somehow, battle of the bands competitions are as big as football is in Texas.

Hey, you never questioned the notion of a high school where everyone burst into song, right? The strangest thing about this movie, which otherwise looks like your usual generic high school comedy, is that it's set in New York City. Isn't the point of making high school movies that you can film them on the cheap in the L.A. suburbs and pretend it's Anywhere, USA? Or is there a New York subtext to the movie that I'm just missing?

Anyway, you can watch the movie's brand-new trailer below, and click on any of the below images for a link to our full photo gallery for the movie. Bandslam comes out August 14, in those dog days of summer when you'll be willing to watch pretty much anything, so long as there's air-conditioning. Hey, that's how I wound up seeing Bewitched. There's no shame in it.

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