These Zootopia Inspired Movie Posters For The 2018 Oscars Are Perfect

Last year, Disney's Zootopia was a major Oscar contender. In celebration, it had some fun with some of its fellow nominees. While it may not be up for any awards tonight, Disney is still celebrating those that are with parody movie posters. This year's batch actually includes one film that won't win any awards tonight, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, but also three major contenders in the form of All the Money in the World, Lady Bird, and, The Shape of Water.

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While Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle has been racking up the box office dollars since it released in December, it won't be in contention for any awards tonight. However, that didn't stop Disney artists from recreating the film's poster on Twitter with characters from Zootopia. Dwayne Johnson becomes Idris Elba's Chief Bogo, Jack Black is represented by donut-loving cop Clawhouser, Judy Hops stands in for Karen Gillan, and Kevin Hart becomes Fennic the fox, though his name implies he's actually a dog.Zoomanji: We come From the Jungle, is almost certainly a movie that you can see in a Zootpia movie theater.

From there, we get into the actual Oscar nominees. The highlight has to be The Shape of Water Buffalo, which stars chief Bogo once again, with Zootopia villain Bellwether in the female lead role. It's probably the best because Chief Bogo never had a look like that on his face throughout Zootopia. The director of this one is Bullermo Del Toro, which is a perfect, if redundant, name for the director of the actual film, which has a pretty good chance at being named Best Picture.

Lady Herd appears to be a coming of age story that star's popular Zootopia pop singer Giselle, who was voiced by Shakira in the movie. Writer-Director Greta Gerwig (Growling) could have a very big night tonight as she's nominated for both Best Original Screenplay and Best Director.

Finally, we have All the Bunny in the World, directed by Ridley Sloth. This film's real-life counterpart feels like it might be a long shot for a few awards, though Christopher Plummer could see a Best Supporting Actor win.

Last year, Zootopia created similar posters for films such as La La Lamb, Fantastic Cheetahs and Where to Find Them, and Nocturnal Mammals.

Last year Zootopia won its Oscar for Best Animated Feature last year. The fact that we're seeing more fun from the movie before this year's Oscars shows that people are still quite taken with it. One wonders if that interest could eventually transform into a sequel.

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