Actress Suing After Suffering Horrible Facial Injuries On Set Of Movie Ghostland

Taylor Hickson Pounding on Glass

Actress Taylor Hickson, best known for roles in Aftermath and Everything, Everything, is suing for an incident that happened on the set of Ghostland back in 2016. During a scene in the movie, Hickson was reportedly asked to pound on a glass door hard in a move that was deemed safe by Incident Productions. Unfortunately while pounding harder, the glass shattered and Taylor Hickson fell through the door, whereupon her head and upper body suffered injuries. Now, she's suing for damages to her face.

In her suit, Taylor Hickson alleges she asked producers if it was safe to continue pounding so hard on the glass. After the fall, the suit notes she was taken to the hospital and had to get 70 stitches, and is now suing for a whole variety damages, including those for mental distress, as well as "costs," "pre and post judgment interest," and a"subrogated claim on behalf of the Manitoba Health Services."

Seventy stitches is a lot, and photos of the incident at the time were graphic, and can be viewed over at Deadline. Although she has healed quite a bit in the year plus time since the incident, in the aftermath of the injury on set, Taylor Hickson has also been left with a large facial scar, which you can see below.

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The suit says that since the scar began healing, Taylor Hickson has gone through several treatments to try and minimize her facial scar. If you also look through her social media following the accident, she has also minimized looks at her scar by hiding the left side of her face in various social media posts following the incident.

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The complaint also notes that it has taking plenty of doctor follow-ups and post-injury treatments to even make the scar the size and shape it currently is. The lawsuit reads:

She has since undergone treatment including laser treatment and silicone treatment, but over one year post-incident, has been left with permanent scarring on the left side of her face. It is unknown at this time if any further treatment, including plastic surgery, would reduce the visual appearance of the injury.

Actors in Hollywood do have imperfections. Comedian Tina Fey and actors Harrison Ford and Michael K. Williams notably have facial scars that give them a little more character. Likewise, Owen Wilson has broken his nose twice, and there are plenty of other celebrities who have scars from personal life accidents and sometimes even movie sets. Taylor Hickson has already started working again after the incident and is set to appear in Giant Little Ones and the pilot Deadly Class. However, the lawsuit will need to determine whether the production company is in fact liable for what happened and if yes, for how much.

As for Ghostland, the movie is expected to be released in April of 2018.

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