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30 Rock will be returning with new episodes on April 10th. Rock writer/actor Tina Fey was nice enough to spend some time talking to the press about what’s left of the season. She also takes a minute to explain about her remark about The Daily Show from a recent interview.

Before we get to that though, Fey did mention that Will Arnett, Dean Winters and maybe Edie Falco will each be returning to the show at some point during the remainder of the season. She also said there’s a storyline coming up in which Jack tries to enlist Tracy to be the new black face of the republican party.

As for the Daily Show comment, Fey responded to a question regarding her remark in a recent interview with Reader’s Digest. In the Digest’s transcript of the interview, it said:

RD: What pleases you more, applause or laughter?
Fey: Laughter. You can prompt applause with a sign. My friend, SNL writer Seth Meyers, coined the term clapter, which is when you do a political joke and people go, "Woo-hoo." It means they sort of approve but didn't really like it that much. You hear a lot of that on [whispers] The Daily Show.

Apparently, Fey’s remark was taken out of context. When asked about the Daily Show comment today, she said, “That thing was edited kind of weird. I was really talking about audiences and how audiences respond weirdly to things. When I was talking I said, ‘Like you know, on Weekend Update or anything’ and that kind of went away so it seemed like I was saying something bad about those guys. I think they know that I think their show is great and would actually never be disparaging on their show.”

We’ll have the full transcript of the interview, which includes Fey’s response to being called the “poster girl for funny women,” as well as some of her favorite shows and other details about 30 Rock sometime later this week.