A Bunch Of Australians Got Together To Say ‘Wow’ In Honor Of Owen Wilson

If a big time Hollywood actor stars in enough successful movies, there's a chance that one of the ways they might be remembered is for a line they delivered in one of those movies. Some are lucky enough to have several memorable quotes! For Owen Wilson, however, there's just one word that most people associate with him: "Wow." Across many movies, Wilson's distinctive way of saying "wow" has captured hearts everywhere, so much so that on Monday, a large group of Australians gathered together to say that word just as the actor would, as you can see in the video below.

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I wouldn't be surprised if that collective "Wow!" shattered through the time-space continuum and somehow made its way to Owen Wilson's ears many years ago to inspire him to deliver the word in that particular way. It's a loop! Coming back to reality, this gathering took place at Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia and was organized on the Facebook page Owen Wilson Wowposting, which was created Nic Zoumboulis. As Zoumboulis told ABC Radio, he created the event for "the sheer positivity of a simple wow." He explained:

I get very fixated on doing impressions of people, and Owen Wilson, that iconic voice, I couldn't get past him. People said you need an outlet for this, and led me to making a page about him and this whole ridiculous event.

While the event didn't have 5,000 attendees like the Facebook page stated, there was still an astonishing amount of Australians who showed up to honor Owen Wilson's favorite word. Here's another video showing the crowd getting in another "Wow!" before the event concluded.

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Some attendees also carried signs displaying Owen Wilson and the mantra "Live Love Wow," which I hope catches on in other parts of the world.

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Of course, nothing beats Owen Wilson himself saying "Wow!", so enjoy more than two and a half minutes of that in numerous moves in the supercut below.

2017 was a busy year for Owen Wilson, as he lent his talents to Cars 3, Wonder and Father Figures. The actor can next he heard narrating the Disney documentary Dolphins, which hits theaters on April 20, and he's gearing up to re-team with Jackie Chan for Shanghai Dawn. To find out what non-Owen Wilson feature movies are coming out this year, head to our 2018 release schedule.

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