Production Suspended After Blake Lively Is Injured On Set Of New Movie

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There are a lot of things that can cause the production of a major motion picture to freeze in its tracks. Everything from weather conditions to loss of talent could happen instantly, or in the case of Blake Lively's new film The Rhythm Section, an injury while filming. Thankfully, Lively's injury isn't too terrible, as the extent of the damage is limited to her hand.

When one of the film's action sequences was shooting, Blake Lively unfortunately found herself dinged up, which lead to the production of director Reed Morano's spy thriller being suspended. While there's no specified date for resuming production, representatives for The Rhythm Section have said that the film will be up and running again as soon as it can be, with no mention of the film's 2019 release date being in any jeopardy. The film co-stars Jude Law, and was filming in Dublin, Ireland, at the time of Lively's injury.

The first in a series of novels by author Mark Burnell, The Rhythm Section sees Lively's character, Stephanie Patrick, fall on hard times after the death of her family in a plane crash. As the plot thickens, the circumstances of her family's death set her on a path of revenge and redemption, as Stephanie hunts down who was behind the plane's tragic fate. Should The Rhythm Section turn out to be the surprise hit that producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli hope it will be, there are three more books just waiting to follow in its path.

Considering this is the same year that Tom Cruise found himself injured on set after a bad fall filming Mission: Impossible 6, hearing that Blake Lively's injury won't keep The Rhythm Section down for long is not too big of a surprise. THR's report on the film's production is unfortunate to hear, but thankfully Lively's injuries sound like they're of a much lesser extent. Though if there's any levity to be had in this scenario, we'd imagine that husband and fellow action star Ryan Reynolds is cracking wise in good fun, helping lift his wife's spirits.

In an era that sees more female action heroes stepping up to the plate, The Rhythm Section is another film we're looking forward to seeing in a post-Wonder Woman world. We would like to wish Blake Lively a speedy recovery, and as soon as we hear any updates on production of The Rhythm Section, we'll update you as soon as they arrive.

The Rhythm Section is set to strike up the band in theaters on February 22, 2019.

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