Jumanji 3: Karen Gillan Tells Us The Type Of Character She’d Like To Play

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After seeing Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, one anticipated aspect of the developing sequel is made very clear: the opportunity to see all of the main stars play their characters with very different personalities. For example, while Karen Gillan played Ruby Roundhouse as an introverted teenager because that's who was playing her avatar in the game, that could completely change in Jumanji 3. At this point there are no firm details about what we can expect, but the actress recently told me what she would love to do:

If an old man played Ruby Roundhouse [laughs] Like a really old guy. Suddenly he's in the body of a significantly younger killer of men.

In celebration of the arrival of Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle on home video, I recently had the opportunity to do a phone interview with Karen Gillan -- and it was during our conversation that I got her thoughts on the future of the franchise. Curious for her take, I specifically asked her what kind of personality she would love to play in the in-the-works Jumanji 3. She didn't hesitate for a second in her answer, immediately saying that she would love to portray an older man who has been sucked into the titular video game.

There is clearly a lot of comedy potential here -- particularly if the old man ranks high on the crotchety meter. And, of course, it would offer the opportunity for Karen Gillan to show some real range in her performance. Really the biggest issue would be orchestrating the plot machinations that would see an old man playing the game in the first place. Maybe it somehow winds up in a nursing home?

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle has been a monster blockbuster hit -- earning $930 million globally since its release in December -- and Sony's response has been to get a follow-up in the works. We still might be a couple years from seeing it come together, but it is in the works. In fact, Karen Gillan told me that there have been some talks with Jake Kasdan and her castmates about a Jumanji 3... but she really couldn't say much more than that. Said Gillan,

I think there was some chatter around a dinner table, which was just all of us having fun and thinking up ideas. But I can't say anything, because then they might see it in print and then it's a spoiler!

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle is actually still number seven at the box office -- available to see in more than 2000 theaters nationwide -- but those looking to see the film from the comfort of their own home now have the chance to do so. The blockbuster is now available in DigitalHD, and will be on 4K, Blu-ray and DVD on March 20th.

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