Warning: SPOILERS for both the A Wrinkle in Time book and movie are ahead!

A Wrinkle in Time is a book that countless people have loved in the decades since its publication. As such, there are certainly many who are excited that the novel is now a theatrical film for the first time ever. Of course, no previously existing material makes the jump from page to screen entirely intact.

There are several interesting changes that have been made to the source material for Disney's new movie. Some are small, some not so much. Here's a rundown of the most significant changes made to A Wrinkle in Time.

The movie opens with backstory. We first see Mr. Murry and a young Meg spending time together in his lab before they first meet the new baby who will be Charles Wallace. The book opens on a dark and stormy night. In fact, it opens with that exact line. Reese Witherspoon makes reference to it when we first meet Mrs. Whatsit. We also get additional backstory later in the movie that never shows up in the book, as there are no scenes in the book that don't include Meg and come from her perspective.

Charles Wallace is adopted. Charles Wallace is one of the more interesting characters in A Wrinkle in Time, as he's barely more than a toddler, but is highly intelligent. That intelligence is a key part of the plot, but the source of that intelligence is never made entirely clear in the book or the film. It's hinted at in the book that this may be due to some genetic differences that he has, but in the movie, the fact that he is so unlike the rest of his family is explained by the fact that he isn't biologically related to them; he's actually adopted. It's unclear why this change was made as it's not particularly necessary. It may have been done simply to explain the diverse family make-up due to casting or to broaden the idea of what makes a family.

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