In 2014, Warner Bros laid out its initial film slate for the DC Extended Universe, officially signaling that like Marvel, it was all-in on establishing a shared world filled with its most recognizable and more obscure plans. Numerous other DCEU movies have been announced since then, but of those original 10 movies, four have been released, two are coming out over the next year and four remain in some form of development. One of the in-development ones is Green Lantern Corps, but outside of revealing the title and that David Goyer and Justin Rhodes are working on the script, DC has been quiet about how this reboot is coming along. However, it's possible that this project is closer to happening than previously believed.

Last week, it was reported that Mission: Impossible - Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie is the newest director being eyed to helm Green Lantern Corps, and given his past collaborations with Tom Cruise, this has led to many online to wonder if the actor might be courted to play Hal Jordan. It remains to be seen if McQuarrie will actually direct Green Lantern Corps, but even if that hiring doesn't work out, Warner Bros and DC would be wise to make sure that the movie is prioritized rather than place it on the back burner, mainly for the following reasons.

It Opens Up DC's Cosmic Universe

So far the only major ways the DCEU has delved into DC Comics' cosmic realm is by Man of Steel briefly visiting Krypton and Justice League having Steppenwolf and his Parademon army invade Earth (twice), but this is just the tip of the iceberg. DC has published plenty of stories over the decades that aren't set on Earth, and the Green Lantern Corps movie can serve as a great way to fully delve into these other intergalactic corners, just like Guardians of the Galaxy did for the MCU. The DC universe is divided into 3600 sectors, and in the modern era, at least two Green Lanterns are charged with protecting a sector. Earth is located in Sector 2814, and while Green Lantern Corps could easily follow in the previous Green Lantern movie's footsteps and keep the main action based on our world, it would be better if the human Lanterns instead ventured out to other worlds, visited different alien civilizations, etc. This then paves the way for other cosmic-focused DCEU movies to be released, such as one based on Jack Kirby's Fourth World mythology.

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