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We've all spent so long looking forward to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince that it almost seems perverse to already be pestering the cast and filmmakers about the final two films. But at today's press conference, director David Yates and stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson offered up some tidbits about where they're headed with the last two films-- .

TINY SPOILERS for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, even though you should really read the damn book already. Yates answered a question about the book's epilogue, in which we see Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny as adults, seeing their own children off on the Hogwarts Express. "We will be delivering that at the end of Part 7, Part 2," Yates promised. "Were looking at various options of how we do it."

While Yates said they probably won't be using "Benjamin Button" technology, producer David Heyman promised that Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe would be playing their older selves, not some stand-in adult actors. "We may use some of the [Benjamin Button] techniques," Heyman said, maybe as a hedge in case David Fincher comes a calling. "We're still in the exploratory stage."

As for what else they're doing with the seventh film, they're obviously keeping mum on plot details, except to say that this film will be very, very different from the ones that have come before. "Seeing the sixth film again, it does strike me we are doing something very very different," Radcliffe said, and Watson followed it up by talking about some of their recent work on the set. "We've just done this amazing scene in the forest, we're being chased by the Snatchers. And I've never done anything like it, nothing even close. I've never really done any serious stunts or any real action, and it's so exciting. It's really dynamic."

Yates compares the first part of the seventh film to a road movie. "We're way away from Hogwarts. It's a bit like three refugees being pursued across the landsape by these terrible Death Eaters." But, as anyone who has read the book knows, the tone will shift a good bit in the second half. "The first one's very verite and documentary and edgy and on the road. The second part, part two, is a big opera, a great big epic, with huge battles. And very oddly moving, because it concludes the whole saga really. They're two very different films."

And how about the one part of the seventh film that everyone's looking forward to-- Ron and Hermione's big kiss? Grint and Watson admitted sheepishly that they filmed the scene a few weeks ago, and did everything they could to get it over with as quickly as possible. "It wasn't something we were really looking forward to," Grint confesses. "It's quite a strange thing to think about doing." And Watson said they both understood the gigantic importance of the scene. " I think Rupert and I felt the pressure of this kiss. This is like 10 years worth of tension and hormones and chemistry in one moment and we had to ace it."

We'll have lots more from the Harry Potter press conference next week, including Daniel Radcliffe shouting at Michael Gambon (a.k.a. Dumbledore) in the other room, his comparison of his own lips to those of a horse, and confessions of who can actually stand to watch the earlier films.

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