Warning: Some spoilers for Pacific Rim Uprising are present in this rundown. If you haven't seen the film yet, bookmark this list and come back after you're current.

The wait is over, the battle waged, and Pacific Rim Uprising is showing in theaters ready to give us the next battle in the war between humanity, its Precursor adversaries, and the Kaiju pitted in the middle of it all. With a pretty damned thrilling second entry, which built on an already stellar opening film, a potential third movie is a subject that now weighs on our minds. Surely, with the big tease at the end of the film promising retaliation for the events of Steven S. DeKnight's would-be blockbuster, at least one more adventure should be in the works for the Pacific Rim universe.

So say this third entry has been greenlighted, given the fact that the film has already made its budget back in the first weekend, and will probably continue to chug along at the international box office. What should a third Pacific Rim movie have in it? Well, we've got some ideas, and they're mostly based on what we've seen in Pacific Rim Uprising. That said, this is the last call for all that want to avoid spoilers, as it's time to dream up the next big adventure for the Pan Pacific Defense Corps and its intrepid men and women.

Newt's Further Spiral Into Madness

Throughout Pacific Rim Uprising's second and third act, we see Charlie Day's Dr. Newt Geiszler become more and more compromised by a Precursor presence in his head. This leads him to do a whole bunch of stuff he wouldn't normally do, like compromise the defenses of humanity, almost choke out his best friend / foil Dr. Gottlieb, and wear crisp, flashy suits. By the end of the film, the Precursors seem to have a greater hold on his psyche, and in the next Pacific Rim film, the stage seems set to see good Newt and bad Newt square off to see who gets control for good. Considering Charlie Day did a pretty good job laying the foundation for this battle throughout Uprising, seeing him go full throttle for one final charge is too good of an opportunity to pass up.

An All Out War With The Precursors

Much like Charlie Day and the fall of Newt, the conflict between humanity and the Precursors seems to be leading to a gigantic showdown, with John Boyega's Jake Pentacost promising a full-fledged invasion through The Breach. With the PPDC set to take the fight to the alien race that's been trying to seize control of the Earth, we might finally get to see more of the other side of the rift, as Jake and company bring the fight to the enemy. And just as we'll be entering the domain of the Precursor menace, they just might cross over into our world yet again, with everything they've got -- possibly leading to one epic two-front fight sequence.

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