Mark Millar Says He Is Done With DC And Marvel

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Some comic creators have become inextricable from particular worlds, and Mark Millar's name has turned into a fixture on both the Marvel and DC side of things. He has played a vital role in some major projects for both companies, but now it looks like we should not expect to see Mark Millar dive back into either realm due to his current commitments over at Netflix. In response to a fan asking if he would ever return to the DC world, Millar took to social media and wrote:

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Mark Millar is a busy man. Netflix recently acquired the rights to his company, MIllarworld (the company responsible for properties like Kick-Ass and Kingsman), and that significant business move seems to have kept him incredibly busy in recent days. Now, with a full-time job over at the behemoth streaming service, it looks like Mark Millar's focus is on his own original characters and the stories that they inhabit. Millar himself is not necessarily bound to Netflix at the moment, and he can work on other projects if he finds the time, but his remarks seem to confirm that he's not going to do another Marvel or DC project, which makes sense, particularly when we consider his recent critiques of the DCEU's heroes and how they compare to the Marvel heroes.

Of course, one thing not explicitly laid out in Mark Millar's tweet is whether or not we will continue to see adaptations of his work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the X-Men universe, or the DCEU. He has written numerous superhero books for a variety of different publishers, and his work has been adapted into films like Captain America: Civil War, as well as Logan -- although some reasonably notable liberties were taken with those books. Still, he's unquestionably left a huge mark on both comic book universes.

With that in mind, even if he does not personally return to those worlds, it's still possible that Warner Bros. or Disney could look to books that he has already published for inspiration. After all, he has crafted some pretty famous work with characters like Superman and The Flash. There are Millar-written stories out there, but he likely won't be involved in them moving forward.

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