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Over the course of two previous films we've seen Spider-Man want to join the Avengers, and then, ultimately, turn down the opportunity. However, it seems that in Avengers: Infinity War Peter Parker will finally get promoted to the big leagues. A new ad spot for the upcoming Marvel team-up has been released and it includes a moment where Tony Stark tells young Spider-Man that he's now officially an Avenger. Check it out.

If you were expecting a lot of pomp and circumstance, possibly a ceremony of some kind, then you're probably disappointed. This is a battlefield promotion to be sure. It's done in a very "matter of fact" sort of way that clearly indicates that making Spider-Man an Avenger isn't the most important thing going on right now. Whether Spider-Man has done, or will do, something to earn his new place among the heroes is not clear. Even Peter Parker isn't looking all that thrilled in the moment. It feels like Tony might be doing the kid a favor by making him an Avenger as a token, considering they may all be dead by the time this is all over.

This moment between Tony Stark and Peter Parker is really the only new piece of footage that we see in this particular spot, the rest being filled out with shots of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, and Captain America which have been mostly part of the longer trailers as well as other 30-second spots.

Whether or not Spider-Man is an Avenger or not is probably going to be mostly a semantic argument for the duration of the film. There absolutely are more important things going on than deciding who gets to be an official member of the special club. Still, assuming that Spider-Man is still an Avenger at the end of the movie, this could still be an important moment as it pertains to Avengers 4 or the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Of course, we already had a pretty major indication that Spider-Man was going to join the Avengers as the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War included him dressed in the Iron Spider armor that we saw at the end of the Spider-Man: Homecoming. Peter's rejection of the new suit was a symbol of his decision to stay as a more city level hero and do his part to protect New York. Taking the outfit, while likely viewed as necessary to give him the best chance in this fight, is also an indication that Spider-Man is ready to take this step.

Not every hero in Avengers: Infinity War will technically be an Avenger, but regardless of their affiliation, we're still going to get more heroes on screen then we've ever seen before. Infinity War hits theaters April 27.