Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok marks the 17th chapter in the ongoing Marvel Cinematic Universe, a bold experiment in theatrical programming that started with Iron Man and will extend through Avengers 4. The movie is being praised by critics -- our own Eric Eisenberg called it "the best of the Thor features" -- and it extends the hot streak enjoyed by Marvel, who hasn't released a true dud since... well, that's a debatable point.

Despite the fact that the MCU seems to curry a lot of favor from film fans (and film journalists), that's not to say it doesn't also trigger its fair share of passionate debate. Comments sections on websites such as CinemaBlend often flare up with heated discussions about the highs and lows of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So we took our own staff to task and asked them to come up with their hottest MCU Hot Takes, heading into Thor: Ragarok with our Mjolnirs swinging. Which is these opinions do you agree with? Which ones are you vehemently opposed to? We're leaving the comments section open, to weigh in, and let us have it. (But stay civil, please.) Excelsior!

Marvel Post-Credits Scenes Are Mostly Bad Once The Excitement Wears Off

If you've gone to see a Marvel movie in the last 10 years, then you've probably waited with bated breath all the way through the credits for that great tease: the Marvel post-credit scene! Every single MCU film has had at least one (sometimes two), but once that initial excitement wears off, you kind of realize that post-credit scenes are mostly bad.

There are a handful of good ones for sure, but most of them are just teases that really aren't teasing much. Who could forget the one where Bucky went to a museum, or when Stan Lee didn't get a ride home from space? True, some post-credits scenes are just jokes, but even the "real" ones fall stale. Who thought Thanos putting a glove on was enough?

Even though these things are mostly just fun deep cuts for fans to enjoy, there isn't a lot of meat on those bones. You've left a post-credit scene thinking "that was it?" more times than you realize. MAYBE you get Thanos smiling, but a lot of the time, you're just waiting to see Bruce Banner fall asleep to Tony Stark retelling Iron Man 3. -- Matt Wood

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