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The following will be riddled with spoilers, so don't read any further if you haven't yet seen A Quiet Place.

April is usually a month that doesn't get many blockbusters, but when it comes to 2018's offerings, it looks like that may not stay true for long. Especially if the potential success of John Krasinski's writing / directing debut, A Quiet Place, is anything to go by. After building a steady head of buzz over the past couple of months, the film is now in theaters for the public to enjoy. So if you've partaken in the film's opening weekend festivities, then you're well qualified to rate and discuss the film with us here!

Critics certainly seem to love A Quiet Place, as the early reactions reported on the film's debut were overall positive. Adding to that same said throng was our own official review, which praised the film with the following plaudits:

Gripping, earnest, and nail-bitingly tense, John Krasinski's first foray into genre filmmaking is a masterclass instant classic that every horror fan needs to see.

Though it's only a little over an hour and a half in length, there's still plenty to discuss when it comes to A Quiet Place. In particular, the following discussion questions came to mind, and are open for discussing in the comments below. But if you have any other questions, issues, or discussion points you'd like to share, don't forget to include those as well. For now, here are the questions that came to mind after our screenings:

John Krasinski says that Jaws inspired his approach to A Quiet Place, while others could argue that Jurassic Park is the more fitting Spielberg comparison. Which film do you think shares more DNA with A Quiet Place?Was the film's 95 minute running time just right for A Quiet Place, or do you think the film could have run longer?Do you feel that the death of John Krasinski's Lee Abbott was unavoidable, or could his daughter have done her hearing aide trick and saved her father?With ideas for a sequel / franchise floating around in recent news items, do you think A Quiet Place could use a sequel?Are you for or against the possible dream casting of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt as Reed Richards and Sue Storm in a potential Fantastic Four reboot?

Of course, with comments comes the time to also rate the film at hand. As such, our scale of ratings from 0 to 5 is available below, and you can log how well A Quiet Place performed in your opinion by using it. Don't forget to share your rating, and your reasons for rating the film as you did, in your comments at the end.

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Before we leave you to think about A Quiet Place in a lightly acoustic area, we'd like to suggest some further reading. In particular, our own Conner Schwerdtfeger was on hand at the film's press day to get the folks in charge to spill their guts. One interesting story to come from that is how producer Brad Fuller learned some important lessons that were applied to A Quiet Place after his time on the Friday the 13th reboot. Fuller also spoke about the biggest challenge that the film ran into during its production, which was quite the unique one at that. And for those of you still debating the Steven Spielberg question, you can see how we were inspired to ask it, with the story that started it all. Other than that, you can find all of our A Quiet Place coverage on the film's official preview page.

With that in mind, have a great weekend, and enjoy A Quiet Place and/or whatever other films you choose to partake in. We'll see you next week, as we rate and discuss Rampage!

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