Read Brie Larson's Tribute To An Air Force Pilot And Captain Marvel Consultant Who Lost His Life

Filming for Marvel's upcoming movie Captain Marvel is currently underway. For some time now, Brie Larson has been training with military pilots ahead of taking on the role of Carol Danvers. On Thursday, tragically, an Air Force pilot who was also consulting on Captain Marvel was killed in an F-16 crash. Maj. Stephen Del Bagno, a pilot for the Air Force's Thunderbirds squadron, was killed when his Fighting Falcon crashed at the Nevada Test and Training Range on April 4. Brie Larson had trained with the Major before beginning filming on Captain Marvel, and she took to social media to share her condolences following the accident.

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The actress shared a photo and some thoughts about the time she spent with Maj. Stephen Del Bagno, where she learned about the F-15 aircraft, an aircraft Del Bagno was experienced with. She mentioned that she learned about the "passion and purpose" behind the work, and also discussed how the Major made contributions to how she has crafted Carol Danvers in the MCU and how that work won't be forgotten. The actress also spoke out on Twitter about Maj. Stephen Del Bagno, noting,

Stephen Del Bagno. Rest In Peace brother. I'll never forget you.

Along with Brie Larson, Marvel also took to social media following the Air Force's statement about the accident. Marvel mentioned the company considered Maj. Stephen Del Bagno to be a "part of the team" in the company's thoughtful tribute. You can take a look, below.

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Brie Larson prepped to play Captain Marvel for months before filming began. In addition to reading the comics, the actress spent time at Nellis Air Force Base learning the basics of flying in order to act as a fighter pilot in the upcoming MCU movie. Captain Marvel is known for having superpowers thanks to getting some Kree genes fused with her own. However, she is also an Air Force officer before becoming a superhero. The actress herself even shared a few photos from her time training with the Air Force over the past few months, including the shot, below.

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An investigation is currently underway regarding the accident that killed Maj. Stephen Del Bagno. The pilot was killed during a "routine aerial demonstration training flight" at 10:30 a.m. on April 4. Del Bagno was an experienced pilot, having logged over 3,500 hours of flight time during his time as a pilot. The team was expected to participate at The March Field Air & Space Expo at The March Air Reserve Base. That event was cancelled following Del Bagno's death. Our thoughts go out to his friends, family and those he worked with in the Air Force during this difficult time.

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