Solo: A Star Wars Story May Explain Where Han Got His Dice

The majority of Star Wars fans probably hadn't given much thought to the dice ornament hanging inside the Millennium Falcon until they were used in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. However, it looks like they may come up again in Solo: A Star Wars Story. A new promotional image for the upcoming Star Wars movie shows the dice in the hands of Emilia Clarke's character Qi'ra, implying that she has some connection to the keepsake.

The idea that Qi'ra is in some way connected to the dice creates a whole new set of questions to a mystery that we thought seemed to have answers. The official story, though it has only been told in ancillary Star Wars material so far, is that Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian playing a game Corellian Spike, and that those dice are the actual dice that Han used in the game. Considering the fact that Lando clearly owns the Falcon in the new movie, but that we don't expect that to be the case by the end, I figured the dice would show up, but it now appears that they may appear in a somewhat different way.

Did the dice actually come from Qi'ra? Were they hers before Han had them? Were they always connected on a chain like a pair of fuzzy dice? It's possible that the dice aren't actually going to have the pedigree that has been stated before and the new movie will actually give us a different history for them, though seeing them here certainly indicates that we will learn more about them.

Of course, it's also possible that the dice will be used in the game of Corellian Spike during Solo: A Star Wars Story just as has been implied. Perhaps Qi'ra will be a witness to the game and afterward, she will then take the dice and turn them into the ornament that we see here, as a gift for Han Solo. It seems clear from the trailers for the film that Han and Qi'ra have a history that goes back even earlier in Han's life, and the two are friends, so perhaps it's the sort of thing she would do for him. Though that feels like the sort of thing you'd see at the end of the movie, and it's unlikely Lucasfilm would be giving away something like that in an early promotional image.

One way or another, it does seem that the now famous dice will have a part to play in Solo: A Star Wars Story. We'll have to wait until May 25 to know for sure.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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