Incredibles 2 Will Introduce A Bunch Of New Heroes, Here’s What We Know

The Incredibles

Sequels tend to be, in general, bigger than their predecessors. Filmmakers don't want to deliver the same thing that audiences liked the first time around. They want to add more. With this in mind, Brad Bird is making sure that the Parr family isn't the only pack of superheroes in Incredibles 2. In addition to reuniting with Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson), the latest Pixar adventure will introduce a team of wannabe heroes nicknamed... well, The Wannabes!

We don't know much about the names and identities of these offbeat individuals. During a recent press day at Pixar on behalf of Incredibles 2, CinemaBlend watched 22 minutes of footage form the sequel and grilled the animators on details. When I asked Brad Bird, in an exclusive 1:1, what he could tell me about the Wannabes, he opened up and said:

The Wannabes is basically the idea that a lot of heroes, a lot of the top tier heroes, were killed off in the first movie. And people don't really totally remember it because it was done off screen. We didn't see them die. There is body count in the first movie, but it's kind of more in the story than it is graphically represented. So some people remember it, and some people don't, but the ideas that a lot of them are gone, and that they've been illegal for 15 years.So, anyone that has superpowers that hasn't really become a superhero had been hiding that whole time. And when these guys get sort of a sponsorship from [Winston and Evelyn] Deavor... any philanthropic sort of enterprise, they get encouragement. They start to feel like, 'Society may be ready for me to be who I am!' And so they start coming out of the woodwork. And they're not all 'central casting' superheroes. They're kind of the B team. But it doesn't mean they're are not effective. And they could maybe be the A-team someday if they maybe get a little more experience.

Disney and Pixar shared concept art for Incredibles 2 with CinemaBlend, and lo and behold, a group shot of the Wannabes was included. Check them out:

The Wannabes

The Wannabes also were included at the bottom of the recent Incredibles 2 poster, so click this is you want to check that out.

From what we learned during the Incredibles 2 press day, The Deavors will be working with Frozone and the Parr family to restore the image of Supers in the public's eyes. There also will be a lurking menace in the form of the Screenslaver, but Brad Bird and his team was mum on the details surrounding him, or his plans.

As for the Wannabes, we will see how much they will be able to contribute to the action when Incredibles 2 opens in theaters on June 15. Maybe, if audiences take to them, this B team of superheroes can graduate to the A team and hold down their own feature? On that note, bookmark our Upcoming Pixar Movies guide to stay up to date on all future Pixar happenings.

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