Rampage is the number one movie at the box office and it's also doing better with critics than any other movie ever made based on a video game. Why video games have had trouble adapting themselves into successful films is a long conversation that has a lot of different causes. However, it seems clear that Rampage was able to avoid many of them.

Rampage may not qualify as a cinematic masterpiece, but it's a good, fun movie if nothing else. Of course, other video game based films have tried to be just as good and fun, but ultimately failed to do so. Here are some of the reasons Rampage was able to succeed where other such movies did not.

It Had The Freedom To Tell A Story

One of the reasons that video games have become a popular genre for film adaptation is that games themselves are becoming more cinematic. They create characters who have arcs that carry them through a story, just like movies. The problem is that often times these characters and stories lock the movie down into the type of movie it can be. A screenwriter has to figure out how to put all these pieces of the game together and doesn't have the freedom to break out into anything new. Rampage, by virtue of being the simplest of games with barely any story to speak of, could build whatever story it wanted to. As long as three monsters are destroying a city by the end, you've made a Rampage movie. The rest can be whatever it needs to be to make that payoff work.

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