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Korath the Pursuer Guardians of the Galaxy

While most Marvel fans are in full hype mode over Avengers: Infinity War a few eyes are tilted toward next year's Captain Marvel, if only because of the movie's remarkable cast list. While there's a lot that we don't know about the new movie, the one thing we do know is that the movie is that it will include several characters that we've met before in other movies. Recently, Marvel chief Kevin Feige spoke about why the decision was made to bring so many people back. In short, it was a just a great opportunity to revisit some characters that maybe didn't get a fair shake the first time around, because it fits with the plot of the new movie. According to Feige...

It was the backstory of those characters crossing over into Kree mythology, and Kree lore, that just made it made it work. And I always think it's fun to see, most obviously with Fury in Captain Marvel, but also to a certain extent you'll see with Ronan and Korath, characters the way they were before they became the icons that you have seen in other films. And it's just fun to see people in different environments.

Captain Marvel is set in the 1990s, setting it before most of the events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we've seen thus far. This gives us an opportunity to see Samuel J. Jackson as Nick Fury in a world before he is aware that superheroes exist, and it also gives an opportunity to see a character like Agent Coulson return to the film side of the MCU. However, the movie will also deal with the Kree as the villains, the same characters we met in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, meaning that it opens up the opportunity to do more with characters like Ronan the Accuser and Korath the Pursuer, (and possibly other characters whose middle name is "the").

To be fair, referring to characters like Ronan and Korath as "icons" as Kevin Feige does to iO9, might be a bit of a stretch. Ronan wasn't exactly the most memorable villain in a franchise not known for memorable villains, and Korath was a henchman who wasn't given a great deal to do. In the end, maybe Captain Marvel can help make them both the iconic characters they should be.

Whatever the reason, it will great to see this part of the MCU and see several characters we know before the time that we were first introduced to them. It may give us a very different perspective on the events that we know, and give the MCU a potentially different perspective as it creeps toward the end of Phase Three.