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Deadpool spoofing "Say Anything"

Back in 2016, comic book creator Rob Liefeld got to watch as his lesser-known, foul-mouthed, fourth-wall-breaking character Deadpool, burst into the public conscious with an incredible solo film debut. The Merc with a Mouth captured the zeitgeist and next week Deadpool is getting a sequel that hopes to repeat the original's success. Deadpool 2 returns the anti-hero to the big screen and this time, he will be accompanied by some of Rob Liefeld's other creations: Domino and Cable as well as other X-Force members. So what did Rob Liefeld think about how well Deadpool 2 pulled it all off? Well, lets just say he got a little misty-eyed, take a look.

Tears of joy are about as ringing an endorsement as a movie can get. And from someone with such a personal attachment to the material as Rob Liefeld, they mean even more. Now I am really curious about the ending of Deadpool 2 and what sort of brilliant song choice closes the show. Rob Liefeld says that it's a nostalgic track, so I'm guessing it isn't the new Celine Dion song from the Deadpool 2 soundtrack (that still sounds weird to say). I also like that Rob Liefeld makes it very clear that he is using a metaphor here and not giving away some plane-landing plot point in the film.

It sounds like director David Leitch nailed it, and given the lightning-in-a-bottle nature of the first film, that is no small task. You have to be stoked for Rob Liefeld because if he likes it, there's a good chance a large portion of the fanbase will as well. If the early reactions are anything to go by, his tears were well earned. Even though he is a proud papa, seeing his characters brought to life so brilliantly, Rob Liefeld was worried those tears might be misinterpreted, as he explained on Twitter.

He's absolutely right that if he had been seen crying after watching Deadpool 2 there would have been tons of people wondering what is wrong with the film that would have Deadpool's creator so distraught. Fortunately they were tears of joy for a dream come true. The hardest thing for any sequel is living up to the original, especially when it comes to comedies, and Deadpool is definitely part comedy. So if that hurdle was cleared we have a lot to be excited for.

Rob Liefeld, who was something of a controversial figure in the comic book community for a time, is enjoying incredible success and recognition for his creations at the moment. In addition to Deadpool 2 and a future X-Force movie, Rob Liefeld has signed a deal with Netflix to create a new comic book cinematic universe using his Extreme Universe characters. That is probably a ways away but in the meantime audiences are clearly getting ready for Wade Wilson and the X-Force as Deadpool 2 is set to have a huge debut when it opens in theaters on May 18th.