Watch Deadpool 2 Reach Peak Irony With Celine Dion Video

With Deadpool 2 only a couple weeks away, one would think the movie would be nearly done with its fourth wall breaking, ironic, ridiculous, humor. Well, emphasis on "nearly." Today's extra special dose of Deadpool doesn't come with a hilarious trailer full of silly jokes. Instead, we get a Celine Dion music video. Seriously, a straight up, soaring vocals, Titanic-esque Celine Dion love song. Ironically, it's hilarious because most of it is played entirely seriously. Also, it happens to include Deadpool dancing in heels. You need to see this.

The song is called "Ashes" and it is, in fact, a real song that will be part of the Deadpool 2 soundtrack. In addition to the video being released on Celine Dion's Vevo YouTube channel, you can also listen to it on music streaming services like Spotify right now.

The funniest part of the video is, of course, the fact that most of it isn't actually funny. If you just listen to the song, or, you know, put in a loop while writing a news story about it, it's just a pop love song. The lyrics aren't funny, and without seeing Deadpool anywhere, like you do in the video, the song could be part of any movie soundtrack. Knowing that the song is going to be part of Deadpool 2, the fact that the song is about finding beauty emerge from ashes certainly makes some sense though.

Even the video opens with just a few shots of the Merc with a Mouth, including clips from the movie, the sort of thing you'd expect in any music video being used to promote a movie. Of course, things do start to get a little silly when "Deadpool" comes out and begins dancing on the stage alongside Celine Dion. I'm not sure who that actually is in the costume, but I'm going to assume it's actually Ryan Reynolds until he denies it. Even then, I'm not sure I'll believe him. It's the high heel boots that make it art. If Deadpool actually wears those in the movie I'll pay to see Deadpool 2 twice.

For something we're a bit more used to seeing from Deadpool, you need to wait until the song is over, and we see Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool congratulating Celine Dion on a fantastic performance, one so good that it needs to be done again because Deadpool 2 isn't one of these high caliber prestige movies, it's a ridiculous superhero comedy. Needless to say, Dion is not pleased, because she doesn't phone it in, ever.

While Deadpool laments that he didn't hire N'Sync, I will lament that there isn't a track from the reunited N'Sync at all on the Deadpool 2 soundtrack. Along with the new song, the official tracklist has been released, and in addition to some additional new music, like the song "Welcome to the Party" by Diplo, French Montana & Lil Pump (feat. Zhavia Ward), the album will also include a number of classic songs that will surely be used in fantastic ways in the movie, like Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" and Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes," which means we can probably already add Say Anything... to the list of references that will be included in Deadpool 2.

In the end, the biggest thing about this song "Ashes" is, it's... good. It's not going to be everybody's cup of tea, but if you like Celine Dion, this song is probably going to push all your buttons. I can't wait to see how it gets used in the movie when Deadpool 2 comes out May 18.

Dirk Libbey
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