How Quicksilver Is Different In Dark Phoenix, According To Evan Peters

Evan Peters as Quicksilver in X-Men: Apocalypse

Sure, Deadpool 2 is currently doing some great work at the box office, but there are plenty more X-Men franchise missions on the way within the next few years. One of the most highly-anticipated projects of the bunch is Simon Kinberg's X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which will bring back a number of fan-favorite heroes for the 1990s-set adventure. Chief among these returning mutants is Evan Peters' Quicksilver, and it sounds like the super-fast mutant has grown up quite a bit since his first two appearances. In a recent interview to discuss the release of American Animals, Peters explained:

He's definitely a little older and more mature, a little more subdued, sort of trying to make a, not a name but trying to do right by the X-Men and be a good guy and use his powers for good, so I think he's on that path at the moment.

So per Evan Peters' remarks to Screen Rant, it seems that Peter Maximoff has toned down some of his most eccentric qualities since we first saw him during the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past. The speedster proved himself incredibly useful in the 2014 X-Men film by breaking Magneto (Michael Fassbender) out of a government prison, and then he returned to the X Mansion ten years later during the events of X-Men: Apocalypse, during which he decided to stick around and become a member of this adoptive family. Now with another decade of experience under his belt, he has become more of a team player who wants to help the X-Men build a better public reputation.

That change in personality is obviously a massive shift for Quicksilver as an individual, as many of his appearances thus far have allowed him to use his powers for personal gain and fun. Check out his showstopper sequence from Days of Future Past, below!

That degree of responsibility will be necessary when we consider the weight of the drama on the horizon. X-Men: Dark Phoenix will adapt the beloved Dark Phoenix Saga arc from Marvel Comics, a story that saw Jean Grey (who is currently being played by Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner) turn evil after exposure to a radiation storm in space. The personal and dramatic nature of the story will rock the X-Men team to its core, and having someone a little older and a little more experienced like Quicksilver will likely help keep the team grounded when things start to go south.

Make sure to stay tuned for any relevant updates related to X-Men: Dark Phoenix as more information about the next X-Men movie is made available us. The film is currently slated to debut in theaters on February 14, 2019, but if you need more mutant action in your life, then you can currently catch Deadpool 2 in theaters right now.

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