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Lando is pansexual in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Over the weekend, Solo: A Star Wars Story finally hit theaters to decent reviews and an OK box office intake---although the numbers fell short of what was estimated for the 2018 Star Wars film. The Han Solo-oriented story should continue to go on and make money in the coming weeks, although considering its seemingly high-ish budget (thanks, reshoots), we'll have to wait and see if it will end up making money for Disney and Lucasfilm. On the bright side, although it didn't exceed or even come close to box office expectations, there's still one box office record the movie has beat: It made more money opening weekend than other heist movies.

While not officially listed as a heist movie by Box Office Mojo, the heist movies with the highest opening weekends are Fast Five and Inception, which pulled in a little over $86 million and around $62.8 million, respectively. While it's unclear when Solo: A Star Wars Story isn't currently being listed as a heist movie, Inception is, after all, also a bit science fiction-y, and it probably should be. In its first three days, Solo: A Star Wars Story ended up making $84.7 million, which would put it a wee bit behind Fast Five. Regardless, this weekend was a four-day weekend, and in total Solo made $101 million in that time, bumping it ahead of the other movies in the genre. I'm sure Solo: A Star Wars Story is taking any win it can get right now.

That's because the movie was reportedly was reportedly made on a $250 million budget, plus advertising costs. If you know anything about the history of Solo: A Star Wars Story, you may already know that a good chunk of the film was shot with Phil Lord and Chris Miller before they were fired. When Ron Howard came on board, there were reportedly major reshoots, which likely bumped up the budget a chunk. Regardless of what was so expensive on the movie, the movie has now made about $192.6 million worldwide through close to a week at the box office. For most movies those would be super solid numbers, but Solo: A Star Wars Story will need to make up some ground before it starts making money for the company.

We'll have to wait and see whether or not it can do that. On the bright side, next week there's not a ton of competition at the box office in terms of new releases this weekend. Action Point, Adrift and American Animals are the big releases out this week, and the highest profile of these has probably been the Johnny Knoxville starrer. Solo: A Star Wars Story might make up some ground, or it might not. To learn more about Solo's box office, check out this week's episode of Hero Blend.