Watch Elsa's Magical Dress Change In Broadway's Frozen Musical

Elsa before her dress changes

Since March, Disney's Frozen: The Broadway Musical has been entertaining the masses at the St. James Theater in New York City with is eye-catching visuals and memorable songs. Bringing the animated sensation to the stage was an easy choice, as its story and songbook practically lent themselves to a Broadway adaptation. Tickets likely are hard to come by, so the producers let one of the show's most beloved songs sneak to the TV airwaves, and now you can watch Elsa's magical dress burst to life during the ice queen's signature song:

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Sing along with us, parents! Yes, "Let It Go" has been stuck in audience's heads ever since the 2013 animated fairy tale entered our lives. The cold still doesn't bother us, anyway, though interest in Frozen is heating back up as eyes turn to Broadway to see how this musical performs. There are a number of movies that find new life in stage adaptations, from Waitress to the current run of Tina Fey's Mean Girls. But Frozen has the muscle of Disney behind it, and that will help sell tickets.

You know what else will help sell tickets? Being a good show. The crowd at the Broadway rendition of Frozen is fully invested, gasping in the lead up to Elsa's major dress reveal. A glove floats away and audiences murmur. Her cape vanishes into the sky and you can hear some cheers. But then the dress. That seems to be a show-stopping moment, and the people in the audience who are watching the rendition that ultimately aired on The View (quick, cut to co-host Whoopi Goldberg) went nuts when Elsa's dress went from black to shimmering silver. The vocal prowess of Caissie Levy in the lead role is the perfect accompaniment to the visual spectacle. Now I just want to keep watching the rest of this stage production.

Frozen: The Broadway Musical is part of a growing franchise that Disney's hoping to build on the back of its Oscar-winning animated feature. Of course, there are toys and merchandise to move that have Anna and Elsa's likenesses on them. And Olaf. So much Olaf. But the animation studio also remains hard at work on Frozen 2, which will reunite original stars Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel and Josh Gad in a new snowy adventure. Plot details on that sequel are being kept under wraps, but Disney has circled November 27, 2019 as its release date, so make a note.

In the meantime, head here for more information on Frozen: The Broadway Musical, and to check for ticket availability. Believe it or not, the new show already is up for three Tony Awards. We'll see if it can take home a trophy when that show airs on June 10.

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